2016 Poinsettia Trials

On behalf of N.G. Heimos Greenhouse and Millstadt Young Plants we thank all for coming out to the 2016 Poinsettia Trials on November 17th.   With your support we were able to bring in industry professionals for seminars, provide a continental breakfast, catered lunch and enabled us to be one of the premier Poinsettia trials in North America!

The Trial was a major success and it was wonderful to see all of our friends from the Industry.  A special thanks to Dr. Raymond Cloyd and Dr. Jim Barrett for their informative talks during the trials.  We hope to see everyone next year in 2017!

A Note From the Trial Manager, Adam Heimos

First, I wanted to thank everyone who was involved in the trials! It was a great event for the industry and a wonderful learning opportunity. Thank you Dr. Barrett and Dr. Cloyd for attending – you’re both a wealth of knowledge and have taught me a thing or two during your presentations! Thank you Sponsors, without your contributions we could not continue to grow our trial every year!

– Adam Heimos, Trial Manager

I am going to share the Top Trial Picks: